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Our Group Fitness Classes

Group exercise classes with Easton Gym Co. are a great way to learn proper techniques, burn calories, and make new friends. Join one of our gyms today!

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Our Group Fitness Classes

Personal Training at our Gyms in Hollywood, Studio City & El Segundo

Are you looking to make a change and get fit? Do you need a more personal, caring experience out of your visit to the gym? Easton Gym Co. provides a safe, clean, and personalized gym experience for the communities of Hollywood, Studio City, and El Segundo. Personal training at our gyms offer a curated experience unlike anything else.

Our team believes in giving exceptional service to all our members and visitors. Each of our gyms offers safe group fitness classes and private training sessions in safe, clean, and comfortable facilities. The trainers at Easton Gym Co. are carefully chosen from the best in the industry and our equipment is specially curated to facilitate top-quality workouts and promote real results. We have full locker rooms, a quality towel service, a cafe for after-workout refueling, and – for our members – a private parking lot. We help you work out without the inconveniences of a big corporate gym.

We even make signing up easy because we don’t believe in contracts. Whether you prefer a month-to-month membership or an annual plan, we have the right options to fit your workout goals. You can also try a free introductory session to get a feel for our community and we offer a military discount to help our proud veterans stay in shape.

Personal Training Gyms

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You deserve a gym that helps you move at your speed. As a local gym with a personalized commitment to your health, Easton Gym Co. is a great place for people of any athletic level. We pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent personal training team that tailors each private session to meet your specific goals and needs. From a very open schedule – we are open 365 days out of the year – and our goal is to be the best gym you’ve ever belonged to. We strive to be the perfect gym for you.

If you are ready to make a change, the trainers at Easton Gym Co. are ready to meet you. By contacting us, you can learn even more about our gyms and schedule your free intro session. Call us today to get started.

Your Search for a Local Gym Ends Here
Private Training Sessions

With personal training available at Easton Gym Co., we can provide the direct attention you need to improve your fitness. Schedule your appointment today!

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Private Training Sessions
16 ReasonsWhy Choose Us to Improve Your fitness?
  • 01. Month-to-month memberships
  • 02. Curated gym equipment
  • 03. Private parking lot for members
  • 04. Free intro session with a personal trainer
  • 05. Annual memberships
  • 06. All levels welcome
  • 07. Full locker rooms
  • 08. Military discount
  • 09. No contracts
  • 10. Family owned and operated
  • 11. Towel service
  • 12. Free trial day for Studio City locals
  • 13. Very clean facilities
  • 14. Personalized experience
  • 15. Excellent personal training team
  • 16. Open 365 days a year
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