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About Our Healthy Café in Hollywood

Harvey's Cafe

8051 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone: (323)655-3636 Email:

Monday- Saturday: 7:00am - 8:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Harvey Easton Cafe began with Easton Gym Co. owner Toby Johnson’s love of coffee and love for the members of the gym community. Not only is coffee the go-to beverage of an early riser, coffee is also one of the best pre-workout beverages.

As a healthy cafe we wanted to extend that same sense of community that has kept Easton Gym around for over 80 years to all members and non-members alike. As we strive to continuously promote our philosophy of health, fitness and community in Hollywood, Harvey’s serves as another arm for us to reach out further and bring people together over coffee and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Partners for Coffee and Tea

Heart Logo


Our espresso bean is roasted by Heart Coffee Roasters based in Portland, OR. Easton Gym Co. and Harvey Easton Café chose this coffee brand not only because of their exceptional flavor but also because they directly trade with their producers in different countries such as: Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala. They aim to provide financial stability to their farming partners, so that their relationships will last and be mutually sustainable. We believe that this creates the best working environment to grow the best coffee beans, which in turn gets you a high-quality product. Their goal is to roast consistent, user-friendly coffee, so that brewing is easy and enjoyable.

All of Heart’s offerings have a specific roast profile that highlights the clarity of flavors within each coffee. During the roasting process, they focus on even development throughout the bean to maximize perceived sweetness, without over-roasting or baking the coffee dry. This style of roasting results in pronounced fruit tones and richness with a juicy finish. Every roast batch is tested for quality. Any roast batches that do not meet Heart’s standards of quality are donated to the local food bank. They do not compromise quality, so that you can enjoy the best we have to offer.

Grady’s Cold Brew Logo

Grady’s Cold Brew

The coffee blend we use for our cold brew is Grady’s. Grady’s Cold brew is a New Orleans—Style cold brew that started as a bottled concentrate back in 2011. The cold-brewed concentrate and addition of chicory make it New Orleans–Style. Chicory is the root of the endive plant. It has been roasted, ground, and brewed for centuries as a substitute for coffee.

Originally used when coffee was scarce or too expensive, chicory is now beloved for its natural subtle sweetness and ability to mellow out dark-coffee roasts. It is roasted, blended, and brewed in NYC. It is a special blend of coffee, chicory, and spices brewed for 20 hours, resulting in a velvety-smooth cup with every pour. It has a creamy mouthfeel with tasting notes of chocolate and caramel. The use of chicory is what makes the coffee NOLA style and gives it a natural, subtle sweetness. They add their own signature blend of spices which emboldens and deepens the flavor profile where many other cold brews fall flat.



Did you know that tea is the second most popular beverage in the world? It is second to water and one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. That’s why we chose to carry one of the best, an award-winning brand famous for both its classic and special blends.

SerendipiTea, an artisanal New York-based operation established in 1995, is known for its wide assortment of premium loose leaf tea and tisane, including an extensive variety of certified organic, biodynamic, traditional and “creatively blended” options.

SerendipiTea is committed to the highest quality loose leaf tea, selecting fine certified organics when available. They work closely with tea gardens, estates and specialists around the world, maintaining knowledge and expertise regarding all facets of tea and production.

They are environmentally responsible, utilizing organic farms and all-natural products. Committed to Earth-friendly packaging including post-consumer recycled and biodegradable materials and water-based inks. They are also socially responsible, employing people not machines, opting for handcrafted rather than machine-milled products.
Harvey Easton Café is ready to serve you a refreshing drink before your workout. To learn more about the Hollywood gym we serve, call Easton today.

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