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Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness Classes

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) Classes

H.I.I.T. Me Up! (Hollywood)

High-Intensity Interval Training using dumbbells and bodyweight to burn fat, build muscle, and get in the best shape of your life!

Just Peachy (Hollywood)

Want a stronger body? Then let's start with that PEACH! Come get those glutes fired up as Cindy takes you through a fun and energetic workout focused on hitting all the different muscles in the glutes to give you that strong, perky peach!

Cardio Core (Studio City)

A high-intensity workout where you give YOUR own personal 110% to shred pounds while you sweat. This cardio session is a full-body workout with a focus on those oh, so important core muscles. 

Booty & Corr (Studio City)

Let Correen show you how it's done! This class is designed to specifically target your legs, glutes, and your core while burning fat, toning, and sculpting!

H.I.I.T Your Glutes (El Segundo)

HIIT 4 glutes is a mix of high-intensity interval training paired with strength and sculpting routines focused on legs and glutes. If you're looking for a great butt workout with whole-body benefits? Then this is your class.

Bootcamp (El Segundo)

Feeling tough? Step it up a notch with this fast-paced circuit training. This class will challenge your stamina while toning and sculpting your entire body. 

Functional Fitness Classes

Animal Style (Hollywood)

Bring it back to primal movements! Fundamental core strength, mobility in the joints, and fluid movements to help you maximize your lifts. We’ll use controlled isometric holds, body weight, and kettlebells for the perfect mix of strength and flow.

Evolve (Hollywood)

This class equips full body activation using TRX, core blasts using stability, BOSU, and medicine balls, and high-intensity strength and functional training using kettlebells that will blast calories while you tone up for best aesthetic proportions and endorphins.

Functional Flex (Hollywood)

This circuit-style class will have you dripping with sweat as you learn how to work your body in all planes of motion to maximize full-body connection.

Suspended (Studio City)

This 45-minute TRX Suspension Training class develops strength, balance, flexibility, core strength, and body confidence! Great for ALL fitness levels.

Mat Pilates (El Segundo)

Mat work pilates is some of the most effective work you can do to strengthen the core muscles. Pilates will strengthen you from the inside out! In Mat Pilates, you use your own bodyweight as resistance as you perform a series of exercises that work on core stabilization. Spine flexion, extension, and rotation. In other words, you get strong and flexible at the same time.

Yoga Classes

Get Yin-Sync (Hollywood)

While “yang” yoga focuses on your muscles, this "YIN" yoga class targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It’s slower and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body.

Power Yoga Flow (Hollywood)

Ali carefully curates her sequences to mindfully move and strengthen the body.  This class offers traditional vinyasa, combined with great music to help you stay in your practice, learn about your body and get out of your head. Vinyasa/Power Flow will be challenging but will leave you feeling balanced and recharged.

Restore Yoga (Hollywood)

Experience the Healing Power of Restorative Yoga.
Supported poses with slow deep stretching & deep slow breathing create powerful peaceful vibrations. Release, Restore, Rejoice.

Yoga for Athletes (Hollywood)

An active stretch and recovery-based yoga flow intended to reduce muscle and mental stress and put your body in repair mode. Work on your mobility to become stronger and get a better range of motion. This is crucial not only in your performance at the gym but your daily movements! 

All Level Yoga (El Segundo)

A creative and inspiring flow class aimed at aligning your physical and mental strength. This class utilizes a blend of techniques to increase strength, balance, and flexibility, as well as reduce stress and awaken your full potential.


Boxing Classes

Hit-Hop (Hollywood)

A full-body workout with some of the hottest hip-hop tracks to push through. This class will incorporate boxing techniques along with aerobic training. You're sure to feel the heat of the workout and the tracks.

Hit Like A Girl (Hollywood)

Boxing ain't just for the boys! Come learn how to box properly with Jair while you get your cardio in! This fast-paced HIIT style workout with have you dripping with sweat as you learn boxing fundamentals.

Thowin' Hands (Hollywood)

10 rounds of boxing and strength training guaranteed to leave you dripping sweat and feeling good. You’ll learn basic boxing combos on the bag, get 1 on 1 mitt work with David and build strength with fundamental dumbbell exercises.

Jump 'N Jab (Studio City)

This boxing class is a high-intensity interval training session that will keep things fresh by alternating between working with your gloves on the heavy bag and working on the ground game which includes everything from abs to burpees!

SPIN/Cycling Classes

The Spincycle (Studio City)

A 50-minute intense cardio class to choreographed to music, followed by a cool down and stretch.  We run, jump, climb monster hills, and we CRUSH our goals and CELEBRATE!  All fitness levels are welcome AND encouraged to join!

My Ride-or-Die (Studio City)

Cardio and resistance training all in one class!  25 minutes of Spin followed by 20 minutes of weight training-the best of both worlds!  

All In Spin (El Segundo)

All In Spin with Andrew Ollen is a fast-paced, rhythm-rooted, uplifting cycle class that will get you sweating and start your day off right! Energize your body and spirit for the whole day with this class.

Dance Classes

CAPOEIRA (El Segundo)

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. This class is guaranteed to make you sweat while putting a smile on your face.

Zumba (El Segundo)

Zumba is a fun, lively dance-based class that is great for weight loss, whole-body toning, heart health, coordination, and more!

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