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Community Fitness for Hollywood, Studio City & El Segundo: About the Gym

Named one of Los Angeles Magazine’s favorite “Boutique Gyms” The Easton Gym Company, started in 1938 by Harvey Easton, continues to operate under the same philosophy of perfecting health and community fitness in a comfortable, neighborhood setting. Upon opening its doors in 1938, Harvey and his friend Jack LaLane designed revolutionary weight lifting equipment that would set the bar for the fitness industry. Quickly, the Easton Gym Company became a favorite among celebrities and surrounding studios. We are proud to continue serving that purpose in Hollywood, Studio City, and El Segundo.

Harvey Easton, known as one of the first celebrity trainers, worked with clients that included Cary Grant, Gregory Peck and Kirk Douglas. The Easton Gym Co. of today continues to cater to celebrities. Harvey Easton created a trend in 1938 that continues to grow: build an innovative facility in an inviting, neighborhood setting with friendly, informed professionals. Unparalleled in size, scope and range of services, Easton Gym Company, under the supervision of Toby Johnson, continues to set the standard for first class hospitality and excellence in the fitness industry. The club is constantly reviewing and enhancing its facilities by updating equipment to fulfill customer’s needs. “We’re constantly thinking of ways to take the work out of working out by integrating new, innovative and energy efficient equipment,” says Johnson.

The Easton Gym Company prides itself on meeting and exceeding the needs of its distinct clientele from around the country. From A-list actors to students striving to make A’s at USC, the Easton Gym Company prides itself on being a comfortable, friendly, hip fitness environment. The club is unyielding in its focus on providing members a superlative experience each time they visit. Committed to exceeding member expectations, it is no surprise that the Easton Gym Company has an incredibly high member retention rate. Step inside the Easton Gym Company and you’ll find a warm, inviting, neighborhood facility where bankers and baristas run next to each other.

“The building is charming with lots of character... sort of a New York vibe with hip, low-key clients and an incredibly friendly staff.” Says one client. It’s that friendly environment Harvey Easton set out to create over eighty years ago, and that vibe continues today through the leadership of Toby Johnson. “What continues to set us apart from other health clubs in the area,” says Johnson, “is the unique bond people develop through membership, both to the club and fellow members.” The Easton Gym Company, quite simply, offers a unique experience to a distinctive group of people.

Continuing a legacy built on health, fitness, and a sense of community, Toby Johnson is determined to change the shape of the fitness industry, one body at a time. The Easton Gym Company offers an impeccable level of service that only a small, boutique gym can provide. “From the beginning, Easton Gym Company has always been regarded as a club in a class by itself,” says Johnson. “We wanted to create an environment where members would come together to talk, train and socialize. Kind of a home away from home atmosphere,” explains Johnson.  Schooled in Sports Medicine, Johnson strives to create a safe haven for the fitness minded, “this is more than just a place to work out,” explains Johnson. “From personal training to yoga, spinning, Pilates, kick-boxing, and body-sculpting classes we’ve created an environment that offers something for everyone.” He goes on to say, “yes, people come here to work out but they also come to have fun! The gym has always provided high-quality programs and excellent service to our members. As we continue to evolve we will always honor the tradition on which this club was built; to provide quality service in a neighborhood environment, giving our members the best possible experience.”

Continuing the Private Gym Tradition in Hollywood: About Toby Johnson

Born and raised on a small farm in Kansas, Toby Johnson approaches health and fitness as an important piece of the overall wellness picture. With a BA from Columbia University and more than thirty years of experience working in the fitness industry, Johnson brings a strong understanding of physical fitness and health to everything he does - including Easton Gym Co. “Our clients come in all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels with one common goal; to find a safe, comfortable environment to release stress through exercise and personal fitness.” A member of  the gym for ten years prior to ownership, he continues to do just that. In fact, he shares his vision with our private gym staff, making sure each member of the team has a clear understanding of the clubs service standards as well as the tools and know-how to offer the members the best programs, instruction and service around.  In a celebrity infested city, each member is treated like a star. “Our goal is to make every member of the gym feel like a member of a tight-knit community.”

As a Trainer, Johnson prides himself on taking time to focus on individual needs as they pertain to the equipment, gym and staff. “There is nothing ordinary or average about our training experience. Whether you are just starting to focus on fitness or you are a seasoned athlete looking for a bit of inspiration, at the Easton Gym Company we hope to bring together a full spectrum of resources and services to aid in your efforts.”

You are only one phone call away from joining Toby and Easton Gym Co. for a friendly community fitness experience. Call us now to learn more.

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